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Experienced lawyers in Saint Petersburg

Legal services of our – is absolute quarantee to protect interests of clients.

Every day in front of a person appears varied and difficult life situations which require fast understanding in such questions. And only a complicates  person who is a great authority in  this field can help to solve a problem.  Legal services of our company  is your shield and sword which can protect you at any time and any place.

Operation of our company is based on professional rendering of legal services.

We render legal services in SPb and if it necessary we accompany our clients  in the Russian Federation. The Legal services  which are  rendered  by our company  involve all fields of civil law, criminal law and economic law. We render assistance to individual and artificial person.

One of sphere of activity is the legal services to enterprises. Every literate business owner understands experts to conduct legal affairs. Meanwhile , the businessman can direct his energies to do business.  Trusting our experts you don`t need to worry about paper work. In this case you avoid unpleasant situations with the inspection authority.

The specialists of our company are experienced and can solve any insurance dispute when the insurance company doesn’t pay or with holds the payment of “Osago” or “kasko”.


There are some important points which form a base of long term business relations with our company:

-         The college of experienced advocates

-         Great legal basis

-         Individual approach

-         Ability to find an optimal way out irreproachable orientation in legistation.

-         Successful legal  escort of business process in Saint-Petersburg  and outside the city.


Office in St.Petersburg:
ph: +7 (812) 448-83-25 , + 7 (812) 438 04 24

Main office

Chapigina street,  6

Additional office:

Fontanka River Embankment, 101

E-mail for documents: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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